Ahvaz (IP) - People of Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran, observed 'Abbas Day' rituals in commemoration of Imam Hussein' (AS) brother Hazrat Abbas on the 7th day of Muharram month.

Iran PressIran news: Every year, during the first ten days of Muharram, Muslims get dressed in black, erect mourning tents, and participate in mass processions to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas was Imam Hussein's brother and the commander of his 72-soldier brigade in the Battle of Karbala against the troops of then-time Tyrant Yazid that outnumbered 30,000 soldiers more than 14 centuries ago.

Hazrat Abbas was martyred on Ashura Day by the troops as he had gone to bring water for Imam Hussein's children.

On that day, the Tyrant of time, Yazid's troops banned water from Imam Hussein, his household, and companions.

When he arrived at the Euphrates River, despite his thirst, Hazrat Abbas refused to drink water because he remembered the thirst of his brother Imam Hussein and the children eying on his come-back and water. 


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