Chennai (IP)–Iran's national men's chess team won against Turkey 3-1 in the World Olympiad.

Iran PressAsia: The Chess Olympiad 2022, which takes place from the 29th of July to the 9th of August in Chennai, India, is the 44th Chess Olympiad, aligned by FIDE.

Every team consists of four players plus one reserve player.

On Table No. 1, Grand Master Parham Maqsoudluo ended the game with a draw with Grand Master Mustafa Ilmaz.

On Table No. 2, Grand Master Mohammad-Amin Tabatabaei finished the game with a draw with a Turkish grandmaster.

On Table No. 3, Grand Master Pouya Idini overpowered Grand Master Wahhap Senal.

And finally, on Table No. 4, International Master Bardia Daneshvar overcame Grand Master Jamil Khan Ali Marandi.

Hence, the Iranian chess team won the day’s match 3-1 versus Turkiye.

That is while the Iranian women’s chess team faced Bulgaria and lost the match 3-1.

Iran’s only winner in the women’s team was Mitra Asghar-Zadeh, who beat Bulgarian Grand Master Victoria Radiova on Table No. 4.


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