Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, issued an amnesty decree on Tuesday for Syrian army soldiers who deserted the army.

Middle East- According to an Iran Press report, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has granted a general amnesty for men who deserted the army or have avoided military service. He announced the amnesty covers all soldiers who have escaped military service, or those who have deserted the army.

The announcement stresses that the Syrians who are inside the country and have not been serving have four- months deadline and those who are outside Syria have six - months  deadline to present themselves to the relevant units.

Earlier Assad had issued a general amnesty decree and pardoned hundreds of Syrian men who had been refusing to serve in the military.

The move could help boost the return of refugees, some of whom have not been able to go back home because they were blacklisted.

Over 100,000 refugees have returned to Eastern Ghouta, since it was liberated in the spring of 2018.

On Monday, Turkey's official news agency reported that Syrian rebels finished withdrawing all their heavy weapons from the front lines in implementation of the deal reached last month that's expected to demilitarize a stretch of 15-20 kilometers (9-12 miles) along the front lines by Oct. 15.

The crisis in Syria began in 2011, with the massive invasion of Syria by Saudi-backed and US-backed terrorist groups. The aim of the invasion was to weaken Syria and boost the Zionist regime's security.

However, the attempt at 'regime change' in Syria was ultimately unsuccessful, with various terrorist groups being defeated by the Syrian army and its allies.

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