IP- A top US air force official has warned that China is now getting its hands on new military equipment "five to six times" faster than the US, a report says.

Iran PressAsia: Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition Maj. Gen. Cameron Holt made the remark during a speech in San Diego in June, according to The Drive.

"In purchasing power parity, they spend about one dollar to our 20 dollars to get to the same capability," Holt was quoted as saying. "We are going to lose if we can’t figure out how to drop the cost and increase the speed in our defense supply chains."

The Air Force says Holt is "responsible for all aspects of contracting relating to the acquisition of weapon systems, logistics, and operational support for the Air Force and provides contingency contracting support to the geographic combatant commanders."

Holt said, "I believe that part of our job as senior leaders is to be candid with the American public and to be candid with our industry partners about the challenges that we face."

China’s military has become increasingly brazen in recent years, particularly with territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea.

"They have a larger Navy than we do, and they are making great strides in their military capabilities to keep us out of the Pacific region," Holt said.