Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO, as members of the alliance have rejected its aspirations, a senior Kyiv official says.

Iran PressEurope: Ihor Zhovkva, diplomatic adviser to Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky said: “Nato members have declined our aspirations. We will not do anything else in this regard.”

The Ukrainian official said a new version of Nato’s guiding document known as the strategic concept should acknowledge his country as a “cornerstone” of security arrangements on the continent, given its fight against Russian aggression.

Ukraine wants Nato to recognize its central role in European security when leaders of the alliance meet in Madrid to overhaul its strategy, he told the Financial Times.

“We would like to have the understanding that Ukraine is a cornerstone of European security,” said Zhovkva, who is also deputy head of the presidential administration.

Ukraine is not participating formally in discussions on Nato’s strategic concept but has sent its proposals to allies in the alliance.

“If the Nato members will not reveal the real situation of what is going on in Europe, in Ukraine, then this document will be another document, absolutely irrelevant,” Zhovkva added.

While Ukraine recognizes that membership in Nato is not feasible in the short term, it wants the alliance to reaffirm the partnership.

Zelensky will address the G7 summit in southern Germany and then the Nato meeting in Spain next week via video link. Zhovkva said the president would restate his demand for treaty-based security guarantees from G7 members for Ukraine for when the war is over.


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