Fatemi Amin:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Mining Industry and Trade in his presser on Saturday said that Iran is seeking to boost ties with Oman, Qatar, China and Russia to provide business services to Iranian companies.

Iran PressIran news: Regarding car cooperation with Russia, Reza Fatemi Amin said that after the Ukraine war and Russian sanctions, Russia got into trouble and trade parties left the country.

He further said that some cars have a history of production in both Iran and Russia.

Negotiations have been held to boost the cooperation between Iran and Russia at the level of providing spare parts. But there has been no talk on producing a joint car with Russia yet.

Reza Fatemi Amin, continued: "In September of last year, we identified a series of regulations that prevented exports and tried to amend them." The second task was to reform the structure of the Trade Development Organization.

We identified seven areas in the Trade Development Organization, and thus created a section for each country in each region to facilitate communication with countries. In this way, both exchanges and trade as well as economic advisors in each sector were examined.

Fatemi Amin said that in neighboring countries such as Oman, Qatar, China and Russia, we tried to choose a company that had good business conditions as the trading  center of Iran. These trading centers  have a duty to provide business services to Iranian companies.

"Another of our actions is joint ventures," he added, saying: "We have raised this with several countries. In Oman, an Iranian home appliance company is looking for an Omani side to form an Iranian-Omani company. In Oman, every company that is 41% Omani gets a 20-year loan. Thus, what we bring is technology, and what the other side brings is the creation of infrastructure and production line."

Regarding foreign investment, he said: " 2 years ago, 222 foreign investment projects were approved, of which $ 6 billion is foreign investment. This number increased to 260 projects in 1400."


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