Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in his meeting with British prime minister Theresa May said the illegal withdrawal of the United States from JCPOA has dismayed and angered the international community.

Iran Press/Irannews: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in his meeting with British prime minister Theresa May on Tuesday said that illegal withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), surprised, dismayed and enraged the international community.

Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with British prime minister Theresa May Tuesday, on the sidelines of the 73rd session of the United Nations general assembly.

The Iranian President added: "We have to make our utmost efforts to achieve an appropriate framework to protect and fully implement the agreement, especially in economic sector, through cooperation and consultation."

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President Rouhani: US unilateral sanctions a form of economic terrorism

Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, addressing world leaders at the 73rd UN general assembly meeting on Tuesday has emphasized that unfair US unilateral sanctions can be viewed as a form of economic terrorism.

Rouhani said the approach of Islamic Republic is to reduce tensions in the region and the world, which needs to be highly regarded.

"Our military power aims at defending the country and confronting terrorism," Iranian President noted.

Expressing gratitude for the sympathy and condolences of the British government and people to Iranian nation over Ahvaz terrorist attack and criticizing the propaganda coming out of the Western mass media outlets, including in UK, Rouhani noted: "Today, everyone must stand firmly against terrorism; and expand cooperation in the fight against the heinous phenomenon."

Stressing that the Yemeni crisis would be resolved only in case of ceasefire and Yemeni-Yemeni negotiations, Rouhani said that all countries must try to stop the bloodshed in Yemen and send humanitarian aid to the innocent people of the war-torn country.

Pointing out that Iran is willing to develop bilateral relations with Britain in different sectors, Iranian President said: "the expansion of cooperation between the two countries will lead to expansion of economic, trade and investment ties between them."

British prime minister Theresa May, for her part, expressed her condolences to the Iranian government and nation with regards to the terror attack in Ahvaz, saying "Britain condemns the incident in Iran and condemns terrorism in all its' dimensions."

May also reiterated the UK's commitment to the JCPOA, noting Britain would continue to take steps to ensure that Iran receives economic benefits from sanctions relief. 

British Prime Minister stated that solving the Yemeni crisis is possible only through political solutions, adding "all the world should play a role in the dispatch of humanitarian assistance to the crisis-hit Yemenis."

May also noted that Britain welcomes the development of relations and cooperation with Iran in various sectors, including economy and energy.

Meanwhile, remaining parties to the Iran nuclear deal have promised to establish a ‘special purpose vehicle’ to facilitate payments related to Iran’s exports as part of efforts to salvage the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action after the US’ withdrawal.

European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held a joint press conference on Monday night (New York local time) to elaborate on the results of a meeting between the remaining parties of JCPOA, namely France, the UK, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran.

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