The Iranian NGO's condemned US unilateral sanctions against Iran, by issuing a statement.

Iran Press/ America:   The US government withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal on 8th May 2018 which was illegitimate and against international commitments, and treats on enforcement of unilateral and inhuman sanctions against ordinary people, has been resulted in concerning impacts on public and particularly vulnerable groups of society in Iran. This is while enforcement of inhuman sanctions on ordinary people of Iran is against United Nations and Human Rights Council resolutions, and is obvious violation of Human Rights," read the  statement.

According to the statement, "Unilateral coercive measures which has directly impacted basic rights of Iranian people for Health, dignified life and development in all its legal dimension. Besides, with regard to the last report of “United Nations Special Rapporteur” Idriss Jazaery, negative impacts of unilateral sanctions only target innocent people and is an economic war in peacetime without protection of Geneva Conventions aimed at safeguarding civilians in war time."

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The necessity of international community's focus on the impact of  anti Iran  sanctions

Signatories of this statement who are representatives of a group of Iranian NGOs express their concern, based on their daily experience with vulnerable groups, on suffer and pain of vulnerable groups are massively hit by sanction and shortage of daily essentials which has been exacerbated due to structural pressures enforced by US Governments recently. We urge global public opinion, independent states, Non-Governmental human right organisation and individual activists to consider adverse impacts of treats and measure undertaken by the US Government on basic rights and dignified life of ordinary citizens of Iran which are against international commitments.

Adverse impacts which has not only harmed right to life of ordinary citizens in Iran but also treats health and safety of people suffering from special and chronic diseases and has slipped extreme vulnerable and low income group as well as millions of Afghan refugees and migrants living in Iran to more economic hardship following closing of the factories, decrease in salaries and significant increase of living costs. 


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US war crimes against Iranian nation 

Although the international community has made regulations for classical wars to safeguard civilians life particularly children, elderly and people with health issues from any military treat and abuse, and defined attack on health and education centers and ordinary peoples’ living houses as war crimes, unfortunately there is no regulations for comprehensive sanctions as a hidden war tool against ordinary people. The international community has not made any legal framework for such crimes, with no attention to the fact that in such battles it is just ordinary people who are attacked and are at risk of irrecoverable injuries with no bullet to be fired. Attacks which first target are children, elderly and people suffering from different chronic and special disease and other vulnerable groups.

There is progressive limitations on access to medicine and medical equipment needed by people in Iran, while the US department of the Treasury claimed sanctions won’t and have not targeted food and medicine directly. The fact is sanctions on Iranian banking system and Iranian people and imposing lots of obstacles to get revenues legally have paved the way for making a tragedy which direct victims are the most vulnerable people living in Iran.


The significance of  abiding independent  governments  to UN 

The signatories of this statement express their deep regret on structural ignorance of ordinary people basic rights in Iran through US government and urge global public opinion to judge and try to find a response to the question that in today civilised world with lots of international peaceful, humanitarian and anti-crime regulations, how such obvious ignorance of international regulations take place? And why the ordinary people of a country are deprived from their rights on access to food, medicine and medical treatments and suffer early death, disability and never ended suffers in shadow of this unwanted and hidden war?

This is a good opportunity to urge people of the world and independent governments committed to United Nations objectives to spread sustainable peace and avoid any kind of conflict of war and violence, to join and stand with us against a doctrine leading the unstable world to another fire. The fire which greatest material and spiritual treats is to destruction of human values through measures which has targeted kindness and humanity for all race and nationalities.

The signatories of this statement as representative of Iranian civil society and none governmental organisations are grateful for the efforts of the states, international organisations and civil society to enforce sustainable and comprehensive peace and tackle unjust sanctions on ordinary citizens of Iran and appeal to their ongoing and comprehensive support to stop the controversy the warmongers in US government are spreading against nations to reach to their short term interests.



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