Rome (IP) - The United Nations World Food and Agriculture Organization announced that Iran ranks 3rd to 19th in the production of 20 important agricultural products in the world.

Iran PressEurope: The latest statistics released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) based on statistics from 2020 show that Iran is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the world and ranks 3rd to 19th in the production of 20 major agricultural products.

Iran ranks 3rd in production of 4 products

Iran is the third largest producer of dates, honey, pistachios and walnuts in the world. The annual production of Iranian dates is 1.28 million tons. Based on such information, Iran is ranked third largest producer of dates in the world after Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Honey production in Iran is 80,000 tons per year, which is the highest honey production in a country after China and Turkey. China's honey production is estimated at 458,000 tons per annum.

The FAO has announced that Iran's pistachio production will reach 190,000 tons in 2020, placing Iran in third place after the United States and Turkey. Iran has traditionally been ranked first or second in world's pistachio production, but due to a drought in 2020, production fell sharply. US pistachio production has been 474,000 tons this year.

Iran is ranked third in the world in the production of walnuts with 356,000 tons. China is in first place with 1.1 million tons and the United States is in the second place.

Iran ranks 4th in world almond and watermelon production

Iran is also ranked fourth in the world in almond and watermelon production. Iran's almond production is reported at 164,000 tons per year. The United States is in first place with 2.37 million tons of almonds, followed by Spain and Australia in second and third place, respectively.

The FAO has announced the production of watermelon in Iran at 2.7 million tons. China ranks first in the world with 60 million tons of watermelon production, followed by Turkey and India.

The fifth rank of kiwi production is also related to Iran. Iranian kiwi fruit production is 289,000 tons per year. China, New Zealand and Italy are the first to third largest producers of kiwi fruit in the world. China's Kiwi production is 2.23 million tons per year.

Iran is ranked sixth in the world in eggplant production. Iran's eggplant production in 2020 amounted to 595,000 tons. China ranks first with 3.6 million tons, followed by India and Egypt with taking second and third places for eggplant production.

Iran is also ranked seventh in onion and tomato production. Iran produces more than 2 million tons of onions a year. India is the largest producer of this product in the world with 26.7 million tons of onions. China and the United States rank second and third, respectively.

Iran's tomato production is 5.7 million tons per year, which is less than the production of only six countries in the world. China tops the list with 64.7 million ton, followed by India and Turkey with second and third.

Iran is also ranked eighth in the world in spinach production. Iranian spinach production is estimated at 98,000 tons per year. China tops the list with 28 million tons. The United States and Kenya are also ranked second and third in the production of this product.

The FAO has announced the production of Iranian oranges at 2.2 million tons per year and has introduced Iran as the ninth-largest producer of this product. Brazil topped the list with 16.7 million tonnes of oranges, followed by India and China.

Iran is also ranked 11th in grape and sugar. Iran's grape production is 1.99 million tons and sugar production is 6.225 million tons. China topped the list with 14.7 million tons of grapes, followed by Italy and Spain. Russia is the world's largest sugar producer with 33.9 million tons of sugar, followed by the United States and Germany.

Iran ranks 12th in the production of 2 important wheat and tea products

According to the FAO, Iran is the twelfth largest producer of wheat in the world. Iran's wheat production in 2020 amounted to 15 million tons. China is the world's largest producer with 134 million tons, followed by India and Russia.

Iran is also ranked 12th in tea production and has been in this position with the production of more than 84,000 tons. China topped the list with 2.97 million tons of tea, followed by India and Kenya in second and third.

Iran is also ranked 13th in the world in barley production. Iran's barley production has been 3.6 million tons per year. Russia ranks first with 21 million tons of barley, followed by Spain and Germany.

Iran's olive production is 108,000 tons per year and Iran is ranked 18th in the world in this regard. Spain is the largest producer of olives with 8.1 million tons, followed by Italy and Tunisia.

Finally, Iran ranks 19th in the production of two products, potatoes, and pears. Iran's potato production is announced at 4.47 million tons per year. China ranks first with 78 million tons of potatoes produced. India and Ukraine are second and third.

Iranian pear production has been 125 thousand tons per year. China topped the list with 16 million tons, followed by Italy and the United States as the second and third largest producers.


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