Hezbollah has been dealt a blow in Lebanon's parliamentary election, with preliminary results showing losses for some of its oldest allies and the Saudi-aligned Lebanese Forces party saying it had gained seats.

Iran PressMiddle East: With votes still being counted, the final make-up of the 128-member parliament has yet to emerge.

Reuters reports that Hezbollah and its allies won a majority of 71 seats when Lebanon last voted in 2018.

The current election is the first since Lebanon's devastating economic meltdown blamed by the World Bank on ruling politicians after a huge port blast in 2020 that shattered Beirut and the country's political structure.

An opposition candidate also made a breakthrough in an area of southern Lebanon dominated by Hezbollah.

Elias Jadi, an eye doctor, won an Orthodox Christian seat previously held by Assaad Hardan of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, a close Hezbollah ally and MP since 1992, two Hezbollah officials said.

Lebanon's parliamentary elections were held on Sunday in Lebanon's first parliamentary election since 2018.

The last vote in 2018 saw Hezbollah and its allies win 71 of the 128 seats.


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