Mashhad (IP) - The Norwegian ambassador to Tehran says he is impressed with the glory of Imam Reza (PBUH) holy shrine as a European.

Iran PressIran news: The Norwegian ambassador to Tehran has expressed awe and admiration at the glory of Imam Reza holy shrine after visiting Azadi and Enghelab Eslami courtyards.

On his trip to the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, the Norwegian Ambassador Sigvald Tomin Hauge paid a visit to different parts of the holy shrine, including the Carpets Museum.

Referring to the long and rich history of art and architecture in the holy shrine, he noted: “In my visit to Azadi and Enghelab Eslami courtyards, I gained valuable artistic and cultural insight into Iranian-Islamic architecture and was impressed. I will definitely share that with others as well.”

He was also awestricken by the Carpets Museum of the holy shrine, adding: “The venue for showcasing the ancient and priceless carpets has been designed very creatively and accurately. The magnificent lighting lets the viewers notice the delicate motifs and patterns on the carpets, which have their roots in the rich and original Iranian art and culture.”

The Norwegian ambassador further stressed: “Imam Reza holy shrine is a highly sacred place for Muslims across the world and attracts millions of fervent pilgrims on a daily basis. I was spiritually impressed upon my entry into this place for the first time.”

He concluded his remarks by saying that the holy shrine could be introduced to all people throughout the globe so that they could experience the same spiritual impression and awe.


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