Brussels (IP) – Iran's envoy to the European Union said respecting Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty is the only possible way to end the crisis in this country.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's Ambassador to the European Union, Gholam-Hossein Dehghani, gave an address at the 6th Conference in Support of Future of Syria and Region held in the Belgian capital Brussels on Tuesday evening.

Dehqani stated that respecting Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty is the only possible way for peace and dialogue and a political solution to the crisis besides rebuilding Syria with a focus on the Syrian government.

While explaining the Islamic Republic's stance on the crisis in Syria and the need to find solutions to the problem, he criticized the Western countries’ approach to the matter.

Turning to the terrorist outfits in Syria, he noted that terrorist groups must move out of the country.

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The Iranian envoy pointed to the dual approach of some Western countries towards extremist groups that divided them into good and bad terrorism and underlined that there is no good or bad terrorism, and such a short-minded division leads to the expansion of crisis and endangerment of global security since terrorism cannot be limited to one specific region.

While enumerating Iran's humanitarian measures in Syria, such as constructing schools, healthcare and treatment centers, aid related to COVID-19, and helping rebuild economic and industrial infrastructures in the country, Dehqani criticized the silence of the international community towards the Zionist regime's hostilities on nonmilitary centers in Syria.

The Iranian ambassador termed such actions a clear violation of the UN Charter.

"Solution to Syrian crisis can only be achieved through a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of issue including end of illegal sanctions, return of all Syrian refugees, cessation of Zionist attacks on Syria and increased humanitarian aid to this country," he concluded.


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