New York (IP) - Criticising the politicisation of Syria's chemical weapons case by some states, the Iranian ambassador and deputy representative to the United Nations said that Syria has made great efforts to fulfil its obligations.

Iran PressAmerica: Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in 2011, the Syrian opposition, especially the Western powers, have not given up any leverage to put pressure on the Syrian regime, including the claim of the use of chemical weapons.

The then US Secretary of State John Kerry first claimed in April 2013 that the United States had evidence that Syria had used chemical weapons at least twice in a limited way against its opponents.

The same allegations led in April 2019, three countries, the United States, France and Britain, attacked some centers and areas of Syria with 100 missiles.

Allegations of the use of chemical weapons have become a tool to help Westerners target terrorist groups in Syria.

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Syria has repeatedly protested against these Western actions.

Zahra Ershadi, Iran's ambassador and deputy representative to the United Nations, spoke at a meeting of the Security Council on Friday evening about Syria.

Calling Iran as a major victim of chemical weapons, Ershadi stated that Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the use of the chemical weapons anywhere and under any circumstances.

She went on to stress that politicizing implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and exploiting OPCW for politically motivated agendas endangers the convention's credibility and OPCW’s authority. 

"Syria has made genuine efforts to meet its convention’s obligations and has proven its willingness to collaborate with the OPCW Technical Secretariat," Ershadi said, expressing disappointment that certain States have politicized the Syrian chemical weapons file, preventing OPCW from confirming Syria’s compliance with its obligations. 


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