Sari (IP) – Iran's Interior Minister says the enemies’ war against Iran is beyond power equations and is on identity, which is going on in the economic context.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi traveled to Mazandaran Province on Wednesday.

The Iranian minister described the economy as a crucial element in wars and expansionism and underlined boosting economic power.

"Today, no one can say that the US and Europe war with Russia is an economic war, but it is a war over power equations that is happening on an economic context," Vahidi stated.

Vahidi called for fighting enemies in order not to let them dominate.

Foreign nationals residing in Iran must participate in census

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi stated that the census of Afghan citizens in Iran had commenced and called on the Afghan nationals to cooperate.

He noted that the census is mandatory.

Vahidi pointed out that following the recent influx of Afghan immigrants into Iran, it is necessary to identify them.


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