The Hungarian government reiterated on Monday that it would not support a Russian oil and gas embargo.

Iran PressEurope: The Hungarian government opposes a ban on Russian energy supplies and will continue to defend its position at meetings of the European Union, the country’s Foreign Ministry, Peter Szijjarto said on Monday. He was taking part in a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

"In vain have we decided on several occasions that neither imports of crude oil nor natural gas should be subject to sanctions. This position needs to be defended over and over again," Szijjarto said. 

Hungary has been opposing the inclusion of a ban on the supply of oil and gas from Russia in these packages. It also opposes the ban on supplies of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. Explaining its position, Budapest noted that 85% of all gas consumed in Hungary comes from Russia, 85% of Hungarian households use gas, and the country's fuel is produced from oil, 64% of which is also supplied by Russia.

The European Commission may spare Hungary and Slovakia from an embargo on buying Russian oil, now under preparation, wary of the two countries' dependence on Russian crude, two EU officials said on Monday. 219

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