Amid the West’s scathing criticism of Russia over the Ukrainian issue, the former US president calls the Russian President’ genius,’ saying the Western leaders are “dumb, dumb, so dumb.”

Iran PressAmerica: "This is genius. Putin declares a big portion of Ukraine … Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful," Trump said on TV, commenting on the Ukrainian crisis. 

Last Wednesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced a special military operation against Ukraine. Still, Russian President Vladimir Putin previously ordered the Russian troops to halt their advance on Friday, awaiting a response from Kyiv.

Donald Trump has said that Vladimir Putin is “very savvy” and made a “genius” move by declaring two regions of eastern Ukraine as independent states and moving Russian armed forces to them, as the Guardian says.

Trump said Putin was outfoxing world leaders and NATO. He noted: "The real problem is that our leaders are dumb, dumb. So dumb."

The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, France, and the European Commission just sufficed to impose new "tough financial sanctions" on Russia, including disconnecting some of its banks from the SWIFT system.

Yet, NATO and the US refused to dispatch troops to assist Ukraine. 

Ukraine knew itself as an ally of the US.

After invading Afghanistan for about 20 years, the US left Afghanistan in the lurch with the Taliban.


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