Tehran (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia, while pointing to the importance of roads passing through Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, stressed the benefits of the Persian Gulf transit route to the Black Sea.

Iran PressAsia: Recently, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nick Pashinyan, spoke at a cabinet meeting about deepening relations with neighboring countries, including Iran, Georgia, and Russia.

The Armenian Prime Minister said that deepening or normalizing relations with Iran would be one of the important directions of the government's foreign policy.

In this regard, Abbas Badakhshan, Iran's ambassador to Armenia, told reporters that the transit route from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea could create great opportunities for Iran, Armenia, and other countries.

"The transit route that connects the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea has nothing to do with the Zangezur corridor, and this is a separate route," Badakhshan said.


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