Moscow (IP) - President Ebrahim Raisi called on the elite both in Russia and Iran to try and introduce a pattern for constructive identity-oriented interaction, saying they are expected to play their significant and historical role in this regard.

Iran PressEurope: President Raisi was addressing a group of university and academic figures in Moscow National University on Thursday.

Expressing happiness for attending such an outstanding gathering in one of Russia's oldest and most prestigious universities, he noted that in Islam science and scientific progress are of basic importance and hold religious value at the same time.

Iran's president said when scientific progress and achievements lack ethical values, the result will be the bombs that shower on people and kill them or occupies the land of Palestine for seven decades and drive its people out of their homes.

Referring to his numerous meetings with groups of people who represented the economic, scientific, cultural, and religious sectors in Russia, he said he is confident now that the two countries enjoy a very capacity for developing bilateral relations.

"The Russian elite and academic community could play a very outstanding role in expanding bilateral scientific diplomacy and enhancing cooperation in new technologies," he highlighted.

He said Iran, despite oppressive sanctions, has managed to accomplish remarkable progress in many scientific fields like the commercialization of science in such areas as nano, electricity and electronics, stem cells, laser, medicine and medical equipment, information technology, agriculture, and construction.

"Any time Iran stood up to try and safeguard its independence and freedom, it saw the United States confronting it," he added, noting that the Iranian academic community, after the revolution which enabled them to break away from the American dominance, has been steadily experiencing a remarkable growth while observing the religious valued promoted by holy Islam and relying on their ancient Persian civilization.

He pointed out that Iran is currently one of the world's most successful countries in terms of its rising figures of literacy and outstanding academic youths.