Serbia holds a referendum of the constitutional reforms to take a closer step to join the European Union on Sunday.

Iran PressEurope: Serbia will hold a referendum on Sunday on amendments to the constitution to change how judges and prosecutors are elected.

Serbian government says the aim of the referendum is securing an independent judiciary, a condition for European Union membership.

On Saturday, Kosovo’s Parliament has passed a resolution banning ethnic Serbs from voting on Kosovan soil in Serbia’s national referendum on constitutional amendments.

Serbia, which still considers Kosovo part of its territory, has been organizing elections for ethnic Serbs since the Kosovo War ended in 1999.

Serbia refuses to recognize Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence but has pledged to normalize relations with its former breakaway province before joining the EU.

Serbia is holding presidential and parliamentary elections on April 3.

Early on Saturday, Kosovo police confiscated two trucks of the Serbian election commission transporting ballot papers as they crossed the border at Merdare to head towards Serb-majority areas.


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