Nigeria (IP)- 147 vigilantes who sacrifice to protect their villages by using locally manufactured pump-action guns have been killed in Zamfara State in Northeastern Nigeria.

Iran PressAfrica: The vigilantes' Commander, Malam Yusuf Anka, told Iran Press correspondent that the vigilantes went out of ammunition when the armed bandits attacked Anka Local Government and Bukuyum Areas with modern guns and many bullets.

Yusuf Anka said 200 people, most of the vigilantes with locally manufactured guns, were killed in the attack, which lasted 48 hours in Anka and Bukuyum.

A credible source said the bandits launched deadly attacks on Tuesday on villages of Kurfar Danya, Kewaye, Tungar, Geza, and Rafin Gero, but the news was not known until Friday night due to telecommunication problems. Many houses and properties have been set ablaze. 

Malam Abdullahi Tsafe from Zamfara said as of Saturday morning, 200 people have been buried according to Islamic teaching; at the same time, a team of vigilantes and village heads continue to search for the missing people in the bush. 

People in villages of Zamfara State accused the military of doing nothing to protect them as the Nigerian Government claims it deployed enough soldiers and weapons who are fighting the terrorist bandits in Zamfara, Katsina, and Sokoto State.

Last month, the Governor of Katsina, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari, urged the people to take arms and defend themselves since the Federal Government under Buhari failed to provide them adequate security. Also, the Governor promised to help people willing to sacrifice in the fight against banditry.


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