Iran's Amb. to Kabul:
Bahador Aminian

Kabul (IP) - Iran's ambassador to Afghanistan said: "The only way to stability and progress in Afghanistan is the contribution of all ethnic groups in the formation of an inclusive government."

Iran PressAsia: In an exclusive interview with Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Bahador Aminian, Iran's ambassador to Afghanistan, added: "No power and no government can create progress and stability in a country through bullets, artillery and guns, and the Taliban must win the trust of the Afghan people."

Aminian said that the Americans are the cause of the current situation in Afghanistan and have imposed sanctions on the people of this country in the current difficult situation, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to alleviate the suffering of the Afghan people as much as possible.

On Iran-Taliban relations and Afghanistan's political future, the Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan said that Iran is in contact with current Afghan officials to help them form an inclusive government, so, terrorist movements such as ISIL, which pose a serious threat to Iran, do not take advantage of the government vacuum in Afghanistan.

With the formation of a new political era in Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always sent its humanitarian aid to the people of this country.


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