Tehran (IP)- The deputy head of the environmental and occupational health center of the ministry of health and medical Education (MoHME) said: " Smart Management Plan is based on the two basic principles؛ vaccination and systemic control of all different units."

Iran PressIran news: In a press conference on Wednesday, Mohsen Farhadi referred to the Smart Management Plan as an inter-agency system that requires the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, Communications, and the Ministry of Interior.

Farhadi emphasized that the primary supervision of the project is with the Ministry of Health, and it will control the observance of health protocols.

Pointing out that the Smart Management Plan is not going to limit people, he added: "Services will be provided to people whom, firstly, have been vaccinated and, secondly, are not sick."

Farhadi emphasized: "This plan tries to minimize the transmission of the disease, which is the main way of transmitting the disease, and to continue the activities of the administrative apparatus, clubs and cinemas with the new instructions."

The deputy director of the health center of the Ministry of Health added: "From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we had 170 health protocols, which need to be updated with the new approach."


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