Venezuela’s President said that General Soleimani was a smiley, optimistic man, and I thank God forever for meeting him.

Iran PressAmerica: In an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro revealed that former Quds Force commander martyr  Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani visited Venezuela between March and April 2019.

"We were in the midst of the electrical crisis launched by the imperialists of the north against Venezuela's electrical network," touching on the conversation the two figures had on several areas of cooperation, including electricity. Maduro confirmed that all matters discussed between them went on to be implemented.

He further said, "Soleimani combated terrorism and the brutal terrorist criminals who attacked the peoples of the Axis of Resistance . He was a brave man."

He stressed the importance of learning from these horrific crimes, such as the crime of assassinating martyr Soleimani. "Is this a world we want, where we witness the White House issuing an order to assasinated a hero of the struggle against terrorism in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon?"

We will not abandon Palestine

On the Palestinian cause, President Maduro stressed that no one in the world dares to ask Caracas to abandon Palestine. "We cannot accept such demands. It is a sin to simply think about abandoning Palestine or leaving it by itself."

"Palestine is humanity's holy land, and we have the Palestinian land in such high regard. We hear the name 'Palestine' loud and high," Maduro affirmed, condemning the Israeli occupation's crimes against Palestinians, saying "Israel" would pay for them one day.

The Venezuelan leader sent a message to the Palestinian people, in which he affirmed Venezuela's, the Venezuelan people's, and the leader Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian revolution's support for Palestine. He reiterated his neverending total support of Palestine as Venezuela loves Palestine, its people, and its factions.

President Maduro to visit Iran very soon

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also said on Sunday he would soon visit Iran to finalize new agreements on cooperation with the Middle Eastern country.


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