Tehran (IP) - Evolution in the education system needs national determination to improve, Iran's Minister of Education said in his first presser since Parliament gave him a vote of confidence.

Iran PressIran news: Yousef Nouri said on Saturday that the education system is always evaluated so that its relationship with Islamic values ​​is direct and inverted with anomalies.

He addressed the role of the education system in society and said: "This system is effective in increasing the level of public health, environment and employment. For example, if we observe health, we will become self-sufficient in the consumption of imported drugs."

The Minister of Education noted: If the student is not well educated, they can hardly be effective at different levels in the following courses.

Nouri said that the six areas of the Education Transformation Document should be realized so that the students can be trained for a social role in the future, stressing that if the vocational courses were well chosen, besides those who go to university, other trained ones will be attracted to the labor market.

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, he stressed that Iranian teachers have worked wonders and played a significant role in the online training of students.

Nouri noted that enough and proper educational materials must be provided for students aboard, and we try to attract them to the country.


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