The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, addresses crowds in Unye, north-eastern Turkey.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, has repeated a call for Turks to sell dollars and euros to support the national currency, the Lira.

According to an Iran Press report, Turkey's currency, the Lira, has lost some of its value recently over concerns about the economy and deteriorating ties with the US.

On Saturday, Erdo?an urged Turks to help support the Lira to win what he described as a “war of independence”.

“If there are dollars under your pillow, take these out,” he told supporters in the north-eastern Turkish town of Ünye.

“If there are euros, take these out … immediately give these to the banks and convert to Turkish Lira and, by doing this, we fight this war of independence and the future. Because this is the language they understand.”

Last Friday the Turkish currency nosedived over concerns about the country’s economic policies and a deepening row with the US.

Washington and Ankara have been at odds over a wide range of topics – from diverging interests in Syria to Turkey’s desire to buy a Russian defence system, and also the case of evangelical US pastor Andrew Brunson.

Brunson is currently on trial in  Turkey for espionage and terror-related charges linked to a failed coup attempt in the country two years ago.

On Saturday, Erdo?an said it was wrong of the US to try to bring Turkey into line with threats, a day after Trump doubled tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Turkey.