Tehran (IP): Leader's top adviser for international affairs met with Kyrgyzstan National Security Council Chairman on Monday, saying that Iran would be ready to develop comprehensive cooperation with Kyrgyzstan.

Iran PressIran news: During the meeting, Ali Akbar Velayati stressed the need to develop comprehensive relations with Kyrgyzstan and noted the many similarities between the two countries.

"Although we do not have a common border, we are in the same region and we are like neighbors, and the many cultural commonalities have brought the two nations closer together," added Iran's top diplomat.

Leader's top adviser for international affairs added: "We must use the potential capacities that are based on the commonalities of the two nations and strengthen them, and we must have a stronger relationship, and fortunately this path is very smooth and available. and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop comprehensive cooperation."

Velayati, while explaining and analyzing the issues of the region, also emphasized: The countries of the region should be united and take steps to develop cooperation and take more serious steps in this regard with mutual respect.

Expressing satisfaction with the meeting, Talaatbek Mossadeghov called Velayati a politician, a prominent diplomat and a living historian, saying: "I have met with many diplomats, but you have a special status, and we always use your valuable experiences, and you truly serve as a living history and a pillar for Iran and the region."

In another part of the meeting, the development of bilateral cooperation was discussed. 


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