Kabul (IP) - A university professor and political affairs expert in Afghanistan said the formation of an inclusive government by the Taliban was essential to gaining the trust of the Afghan people.

Iran PressAsia: Talking about the 100-day performance of the Taliban government, Hamza Hakimi, a university professor in Afghanistan said: "100 days have passed since the collapse of the previous government and the destruction of government institutions, but the Taliban government has not been stable."

In an interview with Iran Press, the professor said: "The Taliban had not yet succeeded in forming an inclusive government and gaining the trust of the entire Afghan people. They have had some success especially providing security, and now we see, after 40 years, Afghanistan was experiencing security."

Hamza Hakimi said the Taliban had also been somewhat successful in the political arena and had done well in dialogue with neighboring countries and the region to gain trust.

The university professor believes that the Taliban must first reconcile with the Afghan people and form an inclusive government for lasting success.


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