Human Right official:
Kazem Gharibabadi

Tehran (IP) - Deputy for International Affairs of Iran's Judiciary and Secretary-General of Human Rights Office called American singer's heinous act on stage as mudslinging of "human dignity."

Iran PressEurope: "Kazem Gharibabadi," wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night in response to the ugly action of an American singer on the concert stage: "What happened is the loss of human dignity and the mudslinging of it in a country that claims to be the protector of human rights is in other countries."

"We have heard a lot about US claims to be support of human beings and human rights," Gharibabadi said, adding that the recent case of American singer Sophia Urista should not be viewed in terms of individual freedoms.

American singer Sophia Urista recently urinated on one of her fans in an ugly act at one of her concerts.

This wrong move has been criticized by many in the media.

Sophia Urista's wrong move also angered users on social media, forcing the New York-based group to apologize; they stated that the singer was "confused" and would not happen again in the upcoming programs.


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