The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced its support for India's position on fossil fuel subsidies at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, UK

Iran PressEurope: The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction with the draft COP26 agreement on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies noting that Iran endorses India's position on subsidies for fossil fuels.

India's Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav recently stated that he did not agree with the tone used in the draft of the final agreement at the Glasgow summit on fossil fuel subsidies, saying that the draft was unbalanced.

Sources close to the talks also said on Friday that China and Saudi Arabia were among the countries seeking to block the passage of an agreement draft in the UN Climate Summit.

Despite the end of the announced time of the 26th UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, the disagreements among the participants prevented the issuance of a final statement.

The Glasgow Climate Change Summit was scheduled to end on Friday, November 12, but no consensus was reached, and there are still many differences, including financial assistance to vulnerable countries affected by the climate crisis.

Developed countries pledged in 2009 in Copenhagen to help vulnerable countries cope with the consequences of climate change. Since 2020, these vulnerable countries have been promised $ 100 billion a year in aid; however, more than a decade after the Copenhagen summit, none of the promised goals were achieved.

Environment activists hope that countries participating in the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow will reach a practical plan to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. 219