Tehran (IP)- In a telephone conversation, Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi discussed bilateral relations, the upcoming Vienna talks, and regional and international developments.

Iran PressIran news: Amir Abdullahian thanked the Chinese government for its cooperation in sending 120 million doses of corona vaccine to Iran, expressing satisfaction with the expanding relations between the two countries, stressed Iran's support for the Beijing Global Sustainable Development Initiative and close cooperation with China in this regard.

Regarding the upcoming Vienna talks, Iran's senior diplomat expressed hope that the US and the EU would enter the negotiations realistically to reach an agreement quickly.

He also stressed that the United States could not pursue a failed policy of maximum pressure and economic terrorism while claiming negotiation and agreement. Talking about the IAEA's mission in Iran, Amirabdollahian expressed confidence that the cooperation would continue well within agreements and regulations.

Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, Amir Abdullahian expressed hope that the meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in Beijing would be held successfully following the constructive meeting in Tehran.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also blamed the United States for the obstacles in implementing the JCPOA and expressed hope that they would make up for this mistake by lifting all sanctions so that in the light of Iran's positive approach, the forthcoming talks would lead to good results.

Inviting his Iranian counterpart to visit Beijing, the Chinese Foreign Minister expressed hope that the Third Summit of Afghanistan's Neighbors in China could lead to a stable and inclusive government in Afghanistan with the participation of its neighbors. 


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