Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz secretly visited Singapore, holding a series of security-related meetings, his office announced the trip on Thursday after he had returned to Israel.

Iran PressAsia: Gantz had left for Singapore on Sunday with several aids, his office said.  

According to foreign reports, Singapore is one of the main importers of Israeli weapons, and several Israeli security firms have representatives in the country.

In 2010, Defense News reported that Singapore is on the cusp of acquiring batteries of the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Singapore's air force has a squadron composed of Hermes 450 drones that are made by the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

Another squadron uses the Heron drone that is manufactured by the Israel Aerospace Industries. Every year, Israel sends a delegation to Singapore.

Israel has been holding security ties with Singapore for over 50 years, with the Israeli Army helping the country to build its army. Alongside the trade relations, the importance of the ties between the two countries stems from Singapore's geographical location as it is situated between two big Islamic countries – Malaysia and Indonesia.

Singapore was founded in 1956 and established official diplomatic relations with Israel in 1969.