A convoy of US occupation vehicles laden with stolen Syrian oil has left the Syrian territory heading for northern Iraq through the illegitimate al-Walid crossing in al-Ya’arubyia countryside, in the far northeast of Hasaka City.

"A convoy of 33 US occupation’s vehicles including tankers laden with stolen oil from the Syrian al-Jazeera region headed for the Iraqi territory through the al-Walid illegitimate crossing,” local sources from al-Ya’arubyia told SANA reporter.

The sources added that SUV vehicles belonging to the QSD militia with machine guns accompanied the convoy as more than 100 vehicles have left the Syrian territory heading for Iraq.

In another context, local sources in al-Ya’arubyia stated that a convoy of more than 50 of the US occupation vehicles headed for Rmelan town in the northeastern countryside, and from there they headed for Tal Hamis and they reached Tal Baider area on al-Dirbasyia- Hasaka highway.

On Sunday, a convoy of 79 US occupation’s military vehicles, mostly armored vehicles, left the Syrian territory heading for Iraq as they had come from Khrab al-Jeer Airport in al-Ya’arubyia countryside, which is taken by the US occupation as a base for its forces in the region, and they headed towards the Iraqi territory through the al-Walid illegitimate crossing.

Damascus has repeatedly underscored that the presence of US troops in Syria is illegal because they were never invited by the Syrian government and Washington does not have a UN Security Council mandate to deploy forces in the Arab Republic.

Monday's development is the latest in a series of instances of the illegal smuggling of Syrian oil by the US and its Kurdish allies that have been reported by Syrian media over the past several months.

Last month, SANA reported that a 70-vehicle convoy from the al-Jazeera region had been taken out of the country, again using the al-Waleed crossing. Before that, 25 more oil carriers were spotted driving through the border crossing into Iraq.