Twelve international filmmakers will hold online seminars in the 38th edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival.  

Iran PressIran news: These seminars will be held during the festival dates and all the filmmakers and film enthusiasts can watch them on the festival online website. 

The list of seminar guests are as follows: 

Title of the Session: 12 Keys for Better Documentaries
Klaus Stanjek
1948, Wuppertal, Germany 
He is a documentary film director, university professor and social anthropologist. Klaus Stanjek studied psychology and biology in Münster, Würzburg and Munich from 1968 to 1974. 

He then obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology with interdisciplinary, cross-cultural studies on property and property. 

From 1979 he switched to documentary film. 

Studied at the Munich University of Television and Film (directing documentary film) until 1983. Since then, has worked as a lecturer in documentary directing, inter alia. in Munich, Leipzig, Bozen, Beijing, Sri Lanka, Addis Ababa, Jenin, Tehran. 

Title of the Session: Experimental Narrative Techniques
Rouzbeh Rashidi
1980, Tehran, Iran
He is an Iranian-Irish filmmaker. Studied media at Dublin Institute of Technology. Filmmaker, founder of the Experimental Film Society, film programmer, teacher of experimental filmmaking workshops and masterclasses. He has been making films since 2000, at which time he founded the Experimental Film Society in Tehran.

Title of the Session: Experimental Animation Lighting
Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
1986, Krakow, Poland
She graduated from Psychology at the University of Warsaw and animation graduate at Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz. In her films, she experiments with traditional animation techniques by creating small, intimate universes. She made three films – “Protozoa”, “Carnalis” and the latest “Ab ovo”.

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Title of the Session: Variations in Handmade Film
Thorsten Fleisch
1972, Koblenz, Germany
He studied experimental film with Peter Kubelka at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. He is occasionally involved in theatre projects and musical excesses with his band Malende in Berlin. The films of Thorsten Fleisch have been shown at festivals like Annecy Animation Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, European Media Art Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden, International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Short Film Festival Hamburg, Milano Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival and etc. Thorsten Fleisch received several awards for his films.

Title of the Session: strategies of visual storytelling in feature films and experimental cinema
Virgil Widrich
1967, Salzburg, Austria
He is an Austrian director, screenwriter, filmmaker and multimedia artist and professor of "Art & Science" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His short film "Copy Shop" was nominated for an Oscar. In total, his work has been awarded 200 international awards. Virgil Widrich is involved in a variety of roles as project manager, conceptionalist, exhibition designer or artistic director in the creation of screenplays, short and feature films, music videos, installations, exhibitions and entire museums, as well as in international research projects.

Title of the Session: Tran Again (2021)
Peter Tscherkassky
1958, Vienna, Austria
From 1977–1979 Tscherkassky studied journalism and political science as well as philosophy at the University of Vienna. Tscherkassky began filming in 1979. Throughout his career, he conceived numerous film festivals. He was also the founding member of the newly Austria Filmmakers Cooperative, which began in 1982. His work Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (2005) had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in the series "Quinzaine des réalisateurs."

Title of the Session: Art direction in short animation film 
Reza Riahi
1988, Tehran, Iran
He studied Fine Arts in Iran and actively collaborated on several cartoon magazines and series. He perfected his skills at EESI in Angoulême completing his training at the Ecole de la Poudrière in Bourg-Les-Valences, France. He is the author and director of several award-winning animated shorts. Parallel to his activity in animation, Reza Riahi collaborates on various painting and illustration projects.

Title of the Session: The Nature of Experiment
Michaela Grill
1971, Austria
She studied in Vienna, Glasgow and London (Goldsmith College). Various film- and video works, installations and live visuals since 1999. Performances and screenings on five continents at e.g. MOMA NY, National Gallery of Art Washington, Centre Pompidou Paris, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, La Casa Encendida Barcelona, ICA London and many cinematheques. 
She received the Outstanding Artist Award by the Austrian Ministry of Art & Culture in 2010.

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Title of the Session: Experimental Film Techniques
Laura U. Marks
1963, Canada
Ph.D. in Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester
She is the Grant State University Professor at Simon Fraser University. Among her theoretical contributions is the concept of haptic visually, according to which a spectator's contact with media is conceived of as touching, as opposed to seeing. 

Title of the Session: Teaching How to Make Experimental Documentary 
Arne Bro
1953, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Arne Bro is vice-director of the National Film School of Denmark and head of its Documentary and TV Department. He graduated from the National Film School of Denmark as a film director and scriptwriter. In 1988 he co-founded PENTA-FILM, a TV and Documentary film production company. He served as a board member in the Danish Film Academy, The Danish Government Film Office (SFC), The Film Law Committee (Danish Film Academy), The Film workers Union (FAF) and etc. 

Title of the Session: Contemporary Experimental Documentary 
Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami
1967, Trento, Italy
Director, Writer, Editor. 
She is the author of six books and since starting her career as a director in 1992, she has made over thirty documentaries, focusing especially on Africa. In 1997 she founded the Religion Today Film Festival, an international festival of cinema and interreligious dialogue. In 2016 he made the documentary Ukon the samurai, on the life of Dom Justo Takayama. The documentary won the award for Best Short Documentary at the RushDoc Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2016 and for Best Biographical / Historical Documentary at the StarDoc Film Festival, also in Los Angeles, in 2017. 

Title of the Session: Experimental Elements of Cinema
Bady Minck
1956 in Luxembourg, Germany
Artist, film producer and filmmaker. She studied sculpture at vienna’s academy of fine arts and experimental film at the university of applied arts. Her work crosses the borders between the various artistic disciplines and is presented in movie theatres, at film festivals, in museums, galleries, public spaces and on the world wide web.

Presided by Sadegh Mousavi, the 38th Tehran international short film festival is underway between 19-24 October in Tehran, Iran. Since 2020, Tehran international short film festival is considered as an OSCAR® qualifying film festival by ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES.


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