Iranian senior cleric:

Tehran (IP) - Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Forum for the Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought said that paying attention to common issues among the Islamic Ummah was one of the ways to achieve unity.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Ghazi Askar said in the opening session of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference: "Paying attention to the common issues among the Islamic Ummah and not insulting the sanctities of other religions is an important way to achieve unity among the Islamic Ummah."

He stressed that the effort to maintain fraternal relations with other Muslims, and avoiding religious prejudices in interaction with other Muslims were also effective factors in maintaining unity among the Muslim Ummah.

Najaf's Friday prayer leader, Sadr al-Din Qabanchi, in his speech at the 35th Islamic Unity Conference, emphasized the importance of preserving Islamic unity, talking about the success of the project of the closeness of Islamic religions in some Islamic countries such as Iran and Turkey.

At the end of his speech, he considered the Arbaeen March as another suitable opportunity to bring the Islamic religions closer, because Imam Hussein is a common point among all Muslims.

The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) has been established by the order of the Leader of the Revolution since 1990. So far, 34 sessions of the Unity Conference have been held.


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