Tehran (IP)- Venezuelan Foreign Minister, who at the head of a delegation paid a visit to Iran, met with President Raisi and Foreign Minister on Monday to sign a 20-year cooperation agreement with the country.

Iran Presscommentary: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi in the meeting emphasized that Iran's policy was to develop relations with Latin American countries, especially Venezuela.

Saying that we will continue the path of progress with strength, Raisi said that we are determined to put aside the problems created by the enemies and continue the path of progress of the country.

Earlier, Iranian and Venezuelan foreign ministers in a telephone call on October 5 stressed pursuing agreements and preparing a roadmap for bilateral relations, as well as finalizing details of economic cooperation projects.

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Hossein Amir-Abdollahian after his talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Félix Plasencia, announced the development of a 20-year cooperation plan between Iran and Venezuela, adding that an economic commission between Iran and Venezuela would be formed before the end of this year current Iranian (starting on March 21).

He added that in the coming months we will host the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Tehran.

Accordingly, as previously stated, the will of the authorities of Iran and Venezuela is based on the comprehensive expansion of economic, political, and cultural relations.

Iran-Venezuela relations have a history of over one hundred years; but it developed in the 1960s with oil cooperation, and after the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, Venezuela was one of the first countries to recognize the new Iranian government; until two decades later, the two countries' cooperation was mainly in the field of the oil industry.

In 2001, the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez traveled to Iran for the first time with a high-level delegation from the oil industry, economic and diplomatic officials, and said that Iran and Venezuela share a common resistance in the face of US hegemony and imperialism and promised to increase trade and cooperation with Iran.

Hugo Chavez meets with Supreme leader of Iran


In fact, after the alignment of Iran and Venezuela's orientation in foreign policy, the level of bilateral relations and interactions expanded, and the two countries advanced in the fields of politics, culture, economy, tourism, and even arms and military cooperation.

Both countries are currently under unilateral US sanctions, and on issues such as defending multilateralism, the need to counter US illegal and unilateral actions, Iran's inalienable right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and recognition of rights of the Palestinian people have a common vision.

For this reason, the last two decades have seen an increase in Iran-Venezuela relations in various sectors; during this period, 6 documents in the field of cultural and scientific cooperation have been signed between the two countries; 8 rounds of meetings were held by the Joint Economic Commission of the two countries in Caracas and Tehran and various contracts in the sectors of industry, marine industry, energy, oil, petrochemical, food, housing construction, plastics industry, export of technical and engineering services and cooperation Finance and Investment have been signed.

Obviously, the drafting of a 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Venezuela, which is to be signed during the Venezuelan president's upcoming visit to Tehran, will also provide more opportunities to increase investment, trade, and the private sector's activities of the two countries.

Written by Hassan Aqiqi 


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