Tehran (IP)- Taliban spokesman said a high-ranking Taliban delegation led by the Taliban's deputy prime minister, left for Uzbekistan on Saturday for a one-day visit.

Iran PressAsia: Zabihullah Mujahid said the ministers of economy, trade, higher education, some Afghan banking executives, and some Afghan media representatives, would accompany the Taliban delegation led by Abdul Salam Hanafi to Uzbekistan.

According to Mujahid, the agenda of the Afghanistan-Uzbekistan talks is to develop trade relations between the two countries, transit, railways, and other political and economic issues.

After the US withdrew from Afghanistan in August, the Taliban took full control of the country. Having won the war, the Taliban now face what could be a series of major crises as they fully take over the government.

The majority of the billions of dollars Afghanistan holds in foreign reserves is frozen in America, pressuring its now-depreciating Afghani currency.

Banks have implemented withdrawal controls, fearing runs on their deposits in uncertainty and civil servants across the country say they haven't received their salary in months.

Uzbekistan was one of the countries that did not oppose Taliban control of Afghanistan.

In August and September, nearly 40 percent of the 800 Uzbeks queried in a telephone survey said they didn't know about the Taliban takeover of neighboring Afghanistan. 

On September 20, the Uzbek president's special representative on Afghanistan, Ismatulla Irgashev, said his government wants road and railway connections with Afghanistan to resume operation to help ship "food and medical supplies."


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