Tehran (IP) - A commemoration ceremony, 'Janestan,' was held on Friday in Tehran regarding the martyrs of the Kunduz Shia mosque.

Iran Press/Iran news: At the ceremony attended by Afghan nationals living in Iran and Tehran municipal officials at the Khavaran Cultural Center, attendees chanted "Down with USA."

As the speaker of the ceremony, the Head of Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran Municipality condemned the Kunduz terrorist attacks and said, the Iranian people always proved that they back the oppressed people of Afghanistan and that Iran was the second home of the Afghan people. 



Meisam Amroudi stressed that the human rights advocates should condemn such crimes, and the current rulers of Afghanistan were expected to provide security and a minimum of welfare to the oppressed people of the country.

Amroudi also called for the establishment of an inclusive and justice-seeker government, one which was based on the votes of all Afghans that could bring security and freedom to Afghans soon.

Broadcasting Tehran Mayor's message of condolence, poetry reading by Afghan and Iranian poets, delivering speeches by cultural and artistic figures, chanting elegies, and unveiling Hassan Rouholamin's painting work 'Jan-e-Baradar' (O' My Dear Brother) were among the programs of the ceremony.

A deadly explosion in the provincial capital of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan during Friday prayers in a Shia Muslim mosque killed at least 50 people and injured 150 others.


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