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Tehran (IP) - After finishing his visit to Russia, Iran's Foreign Minister arrived in Lebanon's Beirut on Thursday morning.

Iran Presscommentary: In Beirut, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is scheduled to have meetings with the Lebanese top-notch authorities including President Mitchel AOUN, Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and Foreign Minister Abdallah Bu-Habib. 

He will also meet with the representative of the Palestinian groups. 

Meanwhile, as the Iranian foreign minister entered Beirut, the Lebanese users published 'Welcome' hashtags on social media and appreciated Iran's supports for Lebanon.

The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Lebanon are of multifaceted importance. These relations have strategic effects on strengthening the resistance against the aggression of the Israeli regime on the regional countries.

On different critical occasions, Iran has always supported the Resistance front and defended Lebanon's independence, security, and stability.

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One of the occasions where Iran came to help Lebanon was the recent fuel crisis in the Arab country caused by the US sanctions on the Lebanese nation. 

Lebanon has been facing fuel shortages and severe economic and livelihood problems for several months, such that most of the fuel distribution centers and stations in Lebanon were closed.

Following the fuel shortage in the country, the supply of power needed by the people and vital sectors, especially hospitals and the water and sewage system faced serious problems amid the corona pandemic crisis. The fuel crisis even was followed by protests in different parts of the country. 

Now, the Lebanese know that their real enemy is the US, which is backing the Israel regime's siege of Lebanon and the instigators of sedition in the country.

Regarding the significance of Iran's fuel support for Lebanon, an expert of international economy Reza Mohtashamipour said: "Iran's interests are defined in terms of stabilizing the region, while the United States' interests are defined in creating crises in the region and preventing economic stability in the countries."

On one hand, de-escalation of the crisis in Lebanon and exporting fuel to the country is politically and economically defined in Iran's interests, and on the other hand, another defeat for the US sanctions against Iran.

Earlier, Iran exported its petroleum products to Syria and Venezuela.

Elsewhere, shortly after the Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah Movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced that the Iranian oil tankers were on their way to Lebanon, the US, France, and Saudi Arabia were forced to show green light for the formation of the new Lebanese cabinet, after they had improvised obstacles for 16 months.  

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So, arriving in Beirut, the Iranian Foreign Minister congratulated the formation of the new Lebanese government and stated that Tehran would never hesitate to help Lebanon if requested.

Amir-Abdollahian said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that peace and stability in Lebanon have been achieved democratically, in the light of internal harmony and cohesion, and away from foreign interference." 

The consecutive defeats of the Israeli regime in the region from the '33-Day-war in 2006' and 'Operation al-Quds Sword' in 2021 to the 'Freedom Tunnel' shows that the Lebanese people, along with the Resistance front, have achieved brilliant achievement against terrorism, the occupation and US sanctions.

In this process, the Islamic Republic of Iran will always stand by the Lebanese people and government.


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