The 30 countries issued a joint statement expressing concern over unilateral coercive measures, including sanctions against developing countries, in violation of the UN Charter, multilateralism, international law and the basic principles of international relations.

Iran PressAmerica:Statement by 30 countries, including Iran, China, Russia, Syria, Palestine, Belarus, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela and Bolivia condemning unilateral coercive measures, including sanctions against developing countries, was presented by Chinese representative in the third General Assembly Committee on Thursday

As Coronavirus continues to impose severe impacts on economic and social development in all countries, especially in developing countries, we call on all member states to address the pandemic through a global response based on unity, solidarity and international cooperation.

Emphasizing the principles of the UN Charter on the cooperation of countries, these countries expressed their great concern over the negative consequences brought by unilateral coercive measures to targeted countries, which cause severe economic, social and humanitarian impact in these countries and severely hinder their effort for promoting and protecting human rights.

The 30 countries said in a statement that there had been numerous reports of adverse effects on essential resources such as food, water, electricity, medicine and medical equipment for fighting Coronavirus.

The statement added: "We reaffirm that everyone was born with equal rights. Unilateral coercive measures deprive the affected population of the full realization of their human rights, hinder their well-being and social welfare, in particular women, children, youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities."

The 30 countries recalled the UN Secretary-General's request and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2020 to lift the sanctions that affect countries' capacity to fight Coronavirus and stressed the call for the immediate and abolition of coercive measures against the target countries.

Unilateral and oppressive US sanctions, which include basic and even medical items, have caused many problems for the people of the US-sanctioned countries, especially the Coronavirus patients. 219