(IP) - Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations condemned the Israeli prime minister's remarks at the UN General Assembly about Iran as sheer lies.

Iran PressAmerica: Majid Takht-Ravanchi wrote on his Twitter account on Monday, "The speech of the Israeli prime minister about Iran was full of lies."

"Iranophobia reached its peak at the United Nations. The Israeli Prime Minister's speech about Iran was full of lies. This regime, with hundreds of nuclear warheads, is not allowed to discuss our peaceful program," he said.

Takht-Ravanchi stated that the fact that the Israeli Prime Minister did not talk about Palestine showed their determination to deprive the Palestinians of their rights.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reiterated the regime's rhetoric and accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran's peaceful nuclear program at the UN General Assembly on Monday.

In his speech, Bennett reiterated the regime's rhetoric and accusations against Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

He acknowledged that Iran had made great strides in nuclear research and development over the past few years, but said that Uranium enrichment centrifuges could not be stopped by words.

He claimed that Iran's nuclear weapons program had reached an irreversible point and had crossed all red lines.

Bennett's accusations against Iran come as the Israeli regime has at least 200 atomic bombs and has not allowed International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to inspect its nuclear facilities.

He further accused Iran of promoting Islamism in the region, destroying Israel and expanding its influence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Gaza, and said Tehran was trying to bring the entire Middle East under its nuclear umbrella.

Bennett reiterated that the regime would not allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

However, the former prime minister of the Zionist regime Ehud Olmert acknowledged in an article that the claims of the officials of this regime that Iran is about to acquire an atomic bomb are not true and that Tel Aviv cannot destroy Iran's nuclear industry.

Olmert, the Israeli prime minister from 2006-2009, wrote in an article that the regime did not have the military power to destroy Iran's nuclear capability forever.

Olmert wrote in the Haaretz newspaper that Benjamin Netanyahu's policy toward Iran and reiterating his claim that Iran was on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon was incorrect because large-scale and rapid uranium enrichment does not necessarily prevent Iran from acquiring an atomic bomb.

He called the policy of intimidation on Iran's nuclear program unnecessary and wrote: Iran can enrich the uranium it needs to become a country with an atomic bomb in a matter of months at any point in time, but uranium enrichment is a necessary condition, not a sufficient one, if other conditions are met, which it says are not yet possible for Iran, the country can reach that position.

He claimed that Iran would take a long time to become a nuclear military power.