Amol (IP)- Allameh Hassan Hasanzadeh Amoli, a famous Iranian Shia theologian, Islamic philosopher, mathematician, and mystic passed away on Saturday, September 25, at the age of 93.

Iran PressIran news:  Allameh Hasanzadeh Amoli was a prominent religious scholar in Iran since 1950

According to his autobiography, he was born in Larijan on June 30, 1928. Most of his early life was spent in Amol. After his preliminary education in Amol, he was introduced to Haj Fath Allah Madrasah in Tehran. He studied under the supervision of Sayyed Ahmad Lavasani; he then went to Marvi Madrasah by order of Muhammad Taghi Amoli.

Ayatollah Hasanzadeh was a philosopher in Islamic philosophy and mysticism. He was also skilled in jurisprudence, poetry, traditional medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.

He has published nearly sixty works in fields such as philosophy, jurisprudence, mysticism, astronomy, and other sciences.