Tehran (IP) - Iran's President described the school as a pillar of social solidarity and asked students questions at beginning of the Iranian school year.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi, on Saturday at the beginning of the new school year for 16 million students in the presence of students and teachers of a school in the south of Tehran, expressed hope that the spirit of Basij and jihad in the people and officials would solve the country's problems.

Stating that the basis of education is the teacher, the President clarified: "Today, the dignity of the teacher must be preserved and the livelihood of the teacher must be taken into consideration."

"With the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have come to realize the greater value of school," he said. "I must sincerely thank the women and girls of this country in particular for their role as teachers at home."

Addressing students and teachers, he added: "Spending on education is the biggest investment in the country."

The President said: "The development of the country depends on the development of education and in the light of the development of skills in the country."

Emphasizing educational justice, Raisi said: "No one should be deprived of education due to poverty. The government must provide facilities so that all people can benefit from education."

President said: "Document on the transformation of education should cause a change in all different parts of the administration to make a change in the school."

At the beginning of the first school year of his presidency, the President asked students questions as a tradition every year.

Ebrahim Raisi asked the Mehr Question, which is annually raised for a nationwide competition between students:

1- What are the characteristics of a strong Iran?

2- What is the role of students in the formation of a strong Iran?

The first-grade students went to school across Iran as the new school year started on Thursday on the first day of fall. The schools are gradually reopening in compliance with the health protocols under the coronavirus pandemic.


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