According to a new poll in France, the purchasing power of more than half of the French people's purchasing power has decreased during the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

Iran PressEurope: Opinionway and Square show that 58% of French people said their purchasing power has declined during Macron's presidency.

in the meantime; Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed had a very negative view of Macron's economic performance.

Dissatisfaction with Macron's performance has risen sharply in recent months.

Most French people, including supporters of the "yellow vest" anti-capitalist movement, are dissatisfied with the government's policies and are calling for Macron to resign.

French protesters say Macron's policies have intensified pressure on the French people.

The French government's failure to control the Coronavirus crisis, tax increases and economic reforms have drastically reduced Emmanuel Macron's popularity.

Recently, a French citizen in the Ladrum region of France slapped Macron in the face during a visit to the region and chanted slogans against him. 219