Tehran (IP) - Iran's health minister says that after Germany's 6 million vaccinations per week, Iran ranks 2nd globally with nearly 5 million vaccinations weekly.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a meeting to curb COVID-19, Bahram Einollahi stated that before Islamic Revolution (1979), Iran used to send its patients abroad to be treated; but right now, it is independent.

"Despite cruel sanctions, Iran's medical sector has gained promising achievements and turned to a health power in the region," he added.

Noting sufficient vaccine import to the country, Einollahi pointed out that the Health Ministry needs help for nationwide vaccination.

He expressed hope to curb COVID-19 with citizens' cooperation.

Meanwhile, Iranian Army Chief-Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, on the sidelines of the beginning of the third phase of the clinical trial of the Iranian vaccine 'Fakhra,' stated that helping the Health Ministry is the Army's duty and is ready to offer any needed services.

The third phase of the Fakhra Iranian vaccine clinical trial was held in the presence of the Minister of Defense and Minister of Health in Tehran.


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