Yemeni Ansarullah:
Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti: Member of the Political Council of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement

Middle East(IP): A member of the Political Council of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement stressed that the Yemeni people and forces would defeat the invading Saudi coalition.

Iran Press/Middle East: "The oppression of Yemeni immigrants, if not more, is no less than the oppression of the siege and the war because relocating them not only means losing a job, but also is equal to depriving them of their assets," Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti noted. 

Al-Bukhaiti added: "Yemen will be victorious over Saudi Arabia, and those who migrated will return victorious by Allah the All-Mighty's grace."

Saudi Arabia, led by a US-backed Arab coalition, launched a military offensive against Yemen in March 2015.

This military aggression has not achieved any of the goals of the Saudi aggressor coalition in Yemen.


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