Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of Iran's Consultative Assembly called on the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), as a parliamentary power, to resist US unilateralism.

Iran PressIran news: Meeting with the Chairman of IPU Duarte Pacheco on Friday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that some countries dominated over the international bodies through money and facilitates, which led to creating unilateralism: 

"Every decision they make must be implemented [by the international bodies]; for instance, the US sanctions on Iran; the United Nations and the Security Council make a decision, and the United States ignores them all and executes its decision."

The IPU head for his part said that the international body did not allow any country to take control of it.

Duarte Pacheco emphasized the IPU as an organization supporting multilateralism to solve the world's problems and noted: " We support dialogue and believe that whatever happens in the world will have an impact elsewhere in it."