Three Hezbollah members have reportedly been martyred in the south of Beirut.

Iran PressMiddle East: Three people were assassinated on Sunday in an ambush on mourners in a town south of Beirut, a day after the assassination of a member of Lebanon's Hezbollah group, a senior source in the group said.

According to Reuters, the three were shot in the town of Khaldeh.

Footage of a video broadcast on Hezbollah's Manar TV channel showed a volley of gunfire being fired on the convoy of mourners arriving at the home of the martyred member of Hezbollah.

Ali Shibli, a member of the Hezbollah movement, was shot and martyred during a wedding on Saturday evening in the town of Jiyeh, south of Beirut.

Another person was injured in the shooting, according to Lebanon's National News Agency. The Lebanese army implemented a security cordon in the area and security services opened an investigation.


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