Tehran (IP): Iran's President defended his government's record of activities, saying that national unity should be the priority for all.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday at the last meeting of the 12th cabinet: "A very lofty goal that we must all pursue is national unity."

Iran's 7th president said: "In the past, we talked to the people and announced that nothing was against reality and we told the people what was real."

"Of course, we did not tell people part of the truth, and I do not think we could tell them because I did not find it useful," added Rouhani.

Iran's 7th president went on to highlight: "A very lofty goal that we must all pursue is national unity."

"We tolerated many issues in order to maintain national cohesion and national unity in our country," stressed the president.
Rouhani called his first term a period of interaction with the world when his government was quite confident that they were the opponent of the great powers in the negotiations.

The president added: "We did not negotiate to win only in politics. Of course, we also won in politics. We saw its effects in the economy. Of course, this was our wish."

The official inauguration ceremony for President-elect Ebrahim Raisi will be held in Iran's Parliament (Majlis) and he will perform the oath of office on Aug. 5.


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