The US Treasury Department on Wednesday imposed sanctions on eight Syrian officials and 10 institutions.

Iran PressAmerica: The US Treasury Department claims that these individuals and institutions are sanctioned due to supporting terrorism.

Among these Syrian officials and institutions, sanctioned by the US Treasury Department, there are eight prisons and several security officials.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry recently condemned Washington's sanctions against the country, saying that economic terrorism is another kind of terrorism that sheds the blood of the Syrians and destroys the country's infrastructure. 

The United States has targeted Syria with various sanctions since 2011 in support of terrorists.

The crisis in Syria began in 2011 with a massive offensive by terrorist groups backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and their allies to shift the regional equation in favor of the Zionist regime.

As a key member of the resistance front, Syria plays a key role in countering US-Zionist conspiracies and actions in the region. 219