Al-Hariri: Our party does not offer anybody to form cabinet

Lebanon (IP)- The official in charge of forming the Lebanese cabinet said on Thursday evening after resigning from the mission that he would not nominate anyone to form a cabinet in the upcoming parliamentary consultations.

Iran Press/Middle East: "Saad al-Hariri", the official who resigned on Thursday, claimed that he had not imposed any conditions on "Michel Aoun", the country's President.

"I cannot offer a composition for the cabinet when the president insists on appointing one-third of the cabinet, and you all know that this is not the way to form a cabinet," al-Hariri told Lebanon's Al-Jadeeda network hours after resigning.

Al-Hariri told Al-Jadeeda that no one would be nominated in the upcoming parliamentary consultations to form a cabinet. However, he said he would not do anything to shut down the country.

"The next elections are ahead and we are facing all those who went against the French initiative," al-Hariri stressed.

Al-Hariri claimed that he had not spoken to Egyptian officials during his visit to Cairo about resigning from his cabinet formation, noting, "I went to Egypt to bring Egyptian gas through Syria, and the Jordanians were able to convince the Americans about it," he said.

He added: "I spoke with Egyptian President Al-Sisi about the gas case to reduce the electricity bill in the new government; however, I will not be the head of that government."

Al-Hariri added: "Hezbollah says it has put pressure on Basil, but I have not seen anything, and no one believes it."

Noting that he had no connection with Hezbollah regarding the formation of the cabinet, he said: "I let the people decide for themselves."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Lebanese politician stressed the need to establish an international tribunal to punish the perpetrators behind the Beruit port bombing.


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